Pagination selector

Pagination selector is used to navigate through all pagination pages or to load all items with the Load more button. Pagination selector is always recursive, so all pagination pages are discovered. To extract data from pagination pages, data extraction selectors have to be set as child selectors for pagination selector.

Configuration options

  • selector - CSS selector for elements that change page after clicking on them.
  • pagination type - a method that will be used to find pagination urls or click on pagination buttons.

Pagination type

  • auto - automatically uses one of these pagination types: link, scripted link, attribute link or click multiple times on next/more button. For a better scraper performance, it is better to select a specific pagination type instead.
  • link - extracts pagination URL from anchor href attribute.
  • scripted link - extracts URL from javascript statement within href or onclick attribute.
  • attribute link - extracts URL from HTML element attribute.
  • text link - extracts URL from plain text.
  • scripted link click simulation - extracts URL by clicking on the element and capturing URL that would be loaded by javascript.
  • click multiple times on next/more button - navigates through pagination pages by clicking on a button multiple times until no new records are scraped.
  • click once on multiple buttons - navigates through pagination pages by clicking on each unique button once.

Use cases

Handle pagination

For example, an e-commerce site has multiple categories. Each category has a list of items and pagination links. Some pages are not directly available from the category but are available from pagination pages (pagination links 1-5 are visible but 6-8 are not). You can start by building a sitemap that visits each category and extracts items from the category page. This sitemap will extract items only from the first pagination page. To extract items from all pagination links including the ones that are not visible at the beginning you need to create a Pagination selector that selects the pagination links. Figure 1 shows how the pagination selector should be created in the sitemap. When the scraper opens a category link, it will extract items that are available on the page. After that, it will find the pagination links and also extract data from those. Figure 2 shows a selector graph where you can see how pagination links discover more pagination links and more data.

Fig. 1: Sitemap with Pagination selector Fig. 2: Selector graph with pagination

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