Data quality control

Web Scraper has the functionality to control quality of the scraped data. Each sitemap has a separate data quality control configuration. Data quality can be determined by several criteria:

  • Minimum record count
  • Maximum failed page %
  • Maximum empty page %
  • Minimum % of fields that must be filled

Fig. 1: Data quality control

How to detect whether data quality control has failed

Data quality control fails if one of the configured criteria is not met.

1. Data quality control tab in sitemap details page

If last scraping job value for the specific criteria is lower than configured, slider indicator will be in red.

2. Notifications

Notifications about failed data quality control can be received via Cloud or e-mail. More information can be found in Notifications page.

Set data quality control with suggested values

If sitemap has at least one finished scraping job, it is possible to configure data quality control automatically by clicking on Fill with suggested values. This will adjust data quality control settings based on the previous scraping job data.

Delete related data quality notifications on save

With Delete related data quality notifications on save option checked, all previous data quality notifications for that exact sitemap will be deleted.

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